You see things; and say ‘why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘why not?’

-George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)


We look at your child as an individual with their own unique hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Therefore our assessment procedure is also unique: in addition to all the areas that other conventional speech and language therapists look at we also assess your child’s neurological development, their sensory processing abilities and their motor, social and emotional development.

We are interested in the whole picture of your child: their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

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We believe that comprehensive assessment leads to highly effective multidisciplinary treatment to help your child achieve their potential.

We provide a two-hour assessment that looks primarily at your child’s speech, language and communication skills, sensory processing abilities, listening, attention and concentration skills.  In addition we look at your child’s motor, social and academic abilities. We look at where your child is currently functioning but we can also see clearly what they could achieve with the correct interventions.

We identify all of the pieces of the jigsaw that are impacting on your child’s development and as a result we make recommendations for referral to other clinicians within the centre where a child may require input from occupational therapy, psychology, general practitioner, nutritionist or a medical homeopath.

All of the services that your child requires are available under one roof at The Child Development Centre.

Each assessment involves detailed discussions with parents who we consider to be the real experts when it comes to their child.

We are not interested in ticking boxes, listing symptoms or applying labels but we are interested in your child, their skills and abilities and in identifying the cause of their current challenges so that we can create the most effective treatment programme.


Our experience has shown that comprehensive assessment is the key to unlocking each child’s potential.

Our assessment process is quite different from others as we provide a treatment programme at the end of the initial assessment to enable families to get started immediately. Many families have been on waiting lists with public services for months and possibly years and we believe that treatment needs to start straight away.

Your child’s ability to process sensory information within the brain at the brainstem level lays the neurological foundation for the development of higher cognitive functions such as fine and gross motor skills, speech and language skills, social skills and ultimately learning ability.

By assessing children in this way we are able to identify the critical areas that are causing difficulty.

Please take a look at our listening checklist and sensory checklist to see whether your child may have a listening or a sensory processing challenge that is causing or contributing to their speech, language or other challenges.

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