Astronaut Training Programme

Astronaut Training Programme as developed by Mary Kawar, MS, OTR, Sheila Frick., OTR and Ron Frick.

“This is a sound activated vestibular-visual protocol to develop skills in moving, looking and listening. This programme has been developed by two of the most innovative paediatric occupational therapists;”

– Mary Kawara and Sheila Frick.

This protocol was developed to promote and integrate visual and vestibular functioning so that a child is looking more appropriately, has better eye-contact, with both eyes working better together and more effectively with the body, movement is generally more organised and coordinated, visual processing of information is better both at school and at home.

The protocol involves rotary activation of the three semicircular canals of the vestibular system followed by functional eye-movement exercises, which comprise both vertical saccadic and smooth pursuit exercises.

We will discuss this programme in detail with you and demonstrate it to you if we feel it will be of benefit to your child.

The Astronaut Training Programme - The Child Development Centre

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