10 Tips to Help Make Christmas less Stressful

10 Tips to Help Make Christmas less Stressful  

The Christmas holidays give us a chance to break from routine, slow down and relax. However this can be very stressful for our kids with developmental challenges where routine forms a vital scaffold to their day. Any changes to routine or surprises can be very difficult for them to handle. Here are some tips that we have found can help prepare your child for the changes associated with this festive season.


Decorations and lights can really transform aRead More

How to Make Halloween Less Scary for your Kids

Halloween can be intimidating for any child with sensory or learning challenges: The dark evenings, the scary decorations, lots of strangers calling to the door and gangs of kids on a sugar rush running round the neighbourhood. We’ve put together a few tips that might help to make this season a little less overwhelming for your kids.

1. Expect the unexpected

Loud bangs from fireworks and firecrackers can be terrifying for kids especially ones with auditory sensory issues. Try using ear muffs or ear protectors (availableRead More

Child Development Centre News

We are in the middle of our summer LiFT programme here in the Galway centre. Our last LiFt programme in Dublin for the summer is almost finished.  All the children are doing very well.  We are looking forward to starting a new LiFT programme in Cork beginning September 29th 2014.  Please tell family and friends  in the Cork area. Up Coming LiFT group dates: Dublin – LiFT Dates for Summer/Autumn/Winter 2014 Monday June 30th – July 18th, 2014. Monday September 8th – Friday September 26th […]

Moving Beyond Labels and Limits Conference

Saturday March 22nd saw the launch of our first International Child Development Conference. Over 200 hundred attendees packed into the Burlington Hotel, Dublin to hear a range of speakers from Ireland and the US.

The conference showcased many examples of our groundbreaking multidisciplinary approach to child development.

Speakers included Sheila Frick OT and creator of highly successful integrative sensory processing protocols such as Therapeutic Listening and Astronaut Training. Sheila’s talk outlined the millions of sensory messages that our bodies constantly process and how when these messagesRead More