How to Get Started

How To Get Started - The Child Development Centre

Getting started is really very simple. The first step is to contact Laura, our Family Support Co-ordinator (FSC) with any concerns that you may have about your child and any questions in relation to our programmes and services.

If you are interested in proceeding with an assessment, an appointment will be organised with Laura.  Detailed listening and sensory questionnaires can then be downloaded from our website and returned to us prior to your assessment date.

The assessment can either take place in person if you are living in Ireland or by International Skype Consultation if you are living outside of Ireland.

The in-clinic assessment takes place over two hours with one of our senior speech and language therapists. This assessment will look at your child holistically, considering all the pieces of your child’s developmental jigsaw. Treatment recommendations will be made towards the end of the assessment process including advice on suitable specialist programmes and any referrals to other team members will be discussed.

You will leave the assessment with a clear understanding of what is happening for your child and how to move forward with their tailor-made treatment programme.

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