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An email from his mum.

Jack had been diagnosed with a severe global developmental delay.

After two weeks of a home listening programme. Jack had been diagnosed with a severe global developmental delay before starting at The Child Development Centre.


He is more content, he likes walks in his buggy again, sings or chats along, likes drive in the car as well and generally he's chatty most of the day.
 He is babbling again, mama, baba, sometimes he tries to imitate words when I emphasize some word.

He sleeps well through the night, last few nights he hasn't woke up at all during night. 
He started drinking for longer, previously I would stop him after 2-3 sips, but now he holds my hand when I hold the beaker and controls how many sips he has, and it could be 5-7.

On iPad he started playing his puzzles and matching apps again. 

He is managing to stand up against the coffee table by himself, if he is well positioned.
 From being on tummy he is managing get himself into all 4, by pulling the knees towards his tummy.


He started doing side walk beside coffee table, just like that, and myself and physio have been trying to make him do it without success for the last few months.

Finally as you could see on the video, he started crawling.
 I am not sure if you have expected to see all that after 2 weeks, we certainly haven't and we are over the moon.


Note also that in the 2nd week of the Listening Therapy with bone conduction headsets, we have started doing the Bio-med gut programme, which means that he was taking some antibiotics and anti-fungals, to kill off bad things in his gut.

We are finished with antibiotics today, and still have few more anti-fungals, and after that we are back to usual supplements on clean gut.

Maybe we could give small credit to the gut programme, but we believe that most of the success is thanks to the Listening Therapy.


I am wondering how would Karen explain such big changes in Jack? I would love to know what has happened there? It looks as if music has unlocked him to do things that he was already able to do, but was somehow blocked from doing.

From the start of New Year I am convinced that he is ready and has the strength to crawl, but we couldn't make it do it, even when we tried facilitated crawling with two pairs of hands.

Jack’s mum.

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Letter from his mum.

Conor was diagnosed with ASD at the 2.5 years old.

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A very happy Christmas for our son Shea.

Shea is an 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with autism. This is an email sent by his dad, following the LiFT programme.


Just wishing you and everybody a merry Christmas and happy new year and to say Shea is getting on great, a massive difference in all areas.


He is so much more alert and happy and actually telling us what’s going on at school and that he used to be ready for school himself at about half 8 which was good but now he has breakfast and himself ready for just after 8.

He has more homework now and he is coping great with it, He used to wait until I came home from work but now he starts it in kitchen when he comes home and if he needs help with anything he will ask his mum.


We are over the moon with results so far as this past few weeks he is just a different child so Thank you.

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An email from James’ dad.

James has a diagnosis of ASD.

Just to let you know James is in great form. Music is going well.

Getting great reports from school about school tour and class sports day. He took part in things I thought he never would.


I watched him, unknown to him, having a 3 line conversation with a boy in his class. His grammar was not perfect but the boy was able to understand him.

James responded appropriately and was not anxious at all.


James’ dad.

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Sean is a 3 year old boy who came to us with a diagnosis of Global Developmental Delay.


When we visited The Child Development Centre, my wife and I had decided that it would be as a last resort for our son Sean. We had already been to see other professionals and Sean was at that point receiving speech & language therapy for well over 6 months with very limited results.

His mother and I had also been working with him, reading to him, playing with him, indoors and out, for hours, but again we were frustrated at the lack of results.

So when we attended The Child Development Centre and Karen O’Connor told us that we would see results possibly within 3 – 4 months, we were dubious to say the least.


However we noticed results within 4 weeks. Sean’s understanding and use of language began to flourish a week into the music programme and he began to sleep better.


We had for 3 months previously been driving Sean around in the car for up to an hour at night in an attempt to help him to fall asleep. Now suddenly he was going up to bed at 7.30pm and sleeping straight through the night uninterrupted.


The results have been immediate and though it’s still early days, they have been I would say, life changing.

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