Sensory Checklist

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Auditory Sense


(A)   Is startled or distressed by loud noises

(B)   Covers ears with hands for certain sounds/noises

(C)   Dislikes certain low frequency sounds e.g., hairdryer, hand dryer, food mixer


(D)   Finds it difficult to work with  background noise

(E)   Appears to not hear what you say

(F)   Has difficulty paying attention

(G)   Has difficulty following instructions


Touch Sense


(A)   Regularly becomes upset during grooming i.e., washing, hair brushing

(B)   Can overreact to touch

(C)   Resists cuddling, pulls away from touch


(D)   Enjoys crashing and bumping into objects and people

(E)   Constantly touches people and objects

(F)   Seems unaware when face and hands are messy


Movement Sense


(A)     Can become upset when moving or during movement experiences

(B)     Fears of heights and of falling

(C)     Becomes upset or sick when traveling in the car


(D)     Constantly moving or running about

(E)     Moves so much that it interferes with other activities

(F)     Finds it difficult to concentrate because of need to move


Taste Sense


(A)     Avoids certain food tastes or textures

(B)     Dislikes brushing teeth

(C)     Could be described as a picky eater


(A)     Enjoys foods that you wouldn’t expect e.g., sour, bitter, spicy

(B)     Likes to chew on non-food items

(C)     Is unaware of food or liquid on his face

Body Sense

(A)     Becomes tired easily

(B)     Poor endurance

(C)     Has a weak grasp

(D)     Seeks lots of rough ‘n’ tumble play

(E)     Poor articulation

Visit our download section to download PDF form