Specialised Programmes

As leaders in field of child development we are delighted to work closely with families, sharing our knowledge and expertise with you so that your child can achieve their true potential. We are seeing children achieve incredible results in weeks rather months and months rather than years.

Children who were told they would never talk, never have friends or attend mainstream school. Whether home-based or in our centre, you will see your child achieve results.

With an in-depth understanding of the child’s neurological development, we can then develop the most effective treatment programmes for each child.

The LiFT Programme - The Child Development Centre

The LiFT™ Programme
We at the Child Development Centre, Ireland are delighted to be able to offer the LiFT™ Programme to families and are excited at the significant improvements we have seen.


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The LiFT Camps - The Child Development Centre

LiFT Camps
The LiFTcamps are great fun and each child has opportunities to engage in sensory activities with arts and crafts whilst listening to the music. The camps take place in a language-rich environment.


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Astronaut Training Programme - The Child Development Centre

Astronaut Training Programme
The Astronaut Training Programme protocol was developed to promote and integrate visual and vestibular functioning so that a child is looking more, has better eye-contact, eyes are working better together and more effectively with the body.


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Therapeutic Listening Programme - The Child Development Centre

Therapeutic Listening Programme
We have used Therapeutic Listening™ at the Listening Therapy Centre, Ireland for the past ten years, the benefits are extensive and varied and we are seeing excellent results.


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The PLAY Project Programme - The Child Development Centre

P.L.A.Y. Project Programme
We have found that the P.L.A.Y. Project is an excellent programme which we can use with families who have a child with autism or a child who is finding it difficult to interact and engage.


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