“We believe that the essence of a great therapist, doctor, teacher or clinician is their passionate belief that there is a way to make things better and in believing that there is a way we are creating the way. “

                                                         Karen O’Connor (2012)

The Child Development CentreOur approach to treatment has evolved over the past twenty years and is a unique and eclectic package of programmes that work both neurologically from a “bottom-up approach” integrating sensory processing information at the brainstem level and a “top-down” approach, that consolidates information at the higher cortical levels, working in harmony to help your child achieve their true potential in the shortest period of time.


We focus on your child’s skills, whilst at the same time developing and enhancing development in their areas of difficulty

We treat the source of your child’s challenges and not the symptoms

We work from the inside out and the outside in, combining conventional therapies with up-to-the-minute cutting edge sensor integrative and other neurologically-based approaches.

Our treatment programmes combine up-to-the-minute sensory integrative and neurologically-based therapies with more conventional speech and language therapy.

Through our integrated approach we have achieved exceptional results  with 1000’s of children around the world.